Letter for change:

To All Americans who Agree with Equality,

Our Nation is hurting and crying out for real change. We are a nation known for monuments and statues that symbolize our intent and purpose. My fellow Americans, we need to erect the George Floyd Monument to symbolize to ourselves and to the world our commitment to human equality.

Our family members are being killed in the streets by the very people who are sworn to protect us. And far too often they use their internal code to do so with complete impunity. We are tired of those who stand by and watch with indifference.

We need to know that our nation is united and that we all stand together against these injustices. We need to hear it, we need to see it, and truly know that these changes are supported by individuals, groups, businesses, and our government. We need your support to make this happen. Can we count on you?

-This is K.