Q: Why is this named after George Floyd?

A:    Many deaths at the hands of police have sparked outrage. Names of victim after victim have come and gone in our collective memory. But only one person started the largest protest for equality in modern history. His name was George Floyd. And as for the debate of whether he is a hero or not? Well, we leave that up to Dave Chappelle to answer it best…

A: It is a new business tax structure based on the Fair Labor Standards Act. The “Private” refers to zero influence from self-interested external investors or shareholders. The “Impact” refers to a new sector for organizations who wish to focus on creating social, economic, and environmental good. The “Organization” refers to not being a company in the traditional sense of the term but still having a defined structure that allows all internal members equal voting rights for all major decisions and assigned goals.
A: No. Once the Floyd Monument is completed, it will mirror the same automated elevator system and observatory deck as the Washington Monument. Anyone wishing to see the beautiful view of the Lincoln Memorial from high above, will now simply see it from the Floyd Monument. Our Nation’s capital will have two grand observatories instead of just one.
A: Any money left over in the GFM Fund will only go to proven organizations that are dedicated to improving Black lives. A percentage will first go to setup the Floyd Family Foundation. Secondary allotments will be chosen and voted by the two committees. Distribution of extra funds will only occur after construction has been completed and all contractors involved have been properly paid.
A: By two independent committees: The first committee will be led by our Project Director, K. As a civil servant and elected official, he will preside over the first committee known as the GFM Committee. The second committee will be comprised of notable and respected members of the African American community. By creating two separate parties, no one person or group can issue payment to themselves.
A: Everyone at this first stage of the GFM Project is volunteering their time because we believe in this historic project 100%. After successful collection of pledges occurs, operational budgets will be openly shared online. Some founding members may become full-time compensated team members. Meaning, they may leave their current jobs to fully devote their time to maintaining the website, node databases, media campaigns, and overseeing all phases of the monument’s construction. We are excited by how many jobs this project will bring to our current economy.
A: We will use hashtag analytics and real-time tracking tools to account for every pledge that properly uses the #FloydMonumentVisit or #FloydMonumentFund hashtags. We will only be retweeting pledges that concern funding and will do our very best to retweet every funding pledge we can find. If you properly pledged and still haven’t see us retweet it after a month, please check your hashtag spelling and try again. Also, any offensive pledges using the hashtag will be ignored.
A: Yes. We will be offering naming solutions to all verified and collected pledges we receive. Please visit our pledge page to review all the options given for individuals, families, groups, businesses, and municipalities. Please note, you will have until the time of collecting pledges to choose a different option or opt out.
A: As of 2019, the Washington Monument is surrounded by 3,943 visible stone pavers (we counted!) that encircle the monument. This affords the Floyd Monument 3,162 suitable copper tinted pavers for engraving names. Due to the complicated endeavor of properly balancing the spacing of names for each stone, a digital map will be made available online. You will also be able to access your name’s location at any one of the 4 interactive touch displays that are at the Memorial.
A: Double line names work only for couples or families who want to have two or more names engraved on a stone. The second line can also be used for a personal dedication. For example:

“The Johnson Family:
Derek, Erica, & James”

“Charles & Mary

“To My Greatest Love,
Carol Walker”

A: We will have 550 square feet of interior wall space available on the East and West walls. The Engraved Legacy options on our Pledge Chart give examples of the best suited groups for the given price range. If you wish to pledge a personal or family Gift Stone, just pledge the corresponding amount that matches the size you want. Please be aware, due to health liabilities, National Park Services does not allow anyone to use the stairwell except in cases of emergency. You will not be able to visit your own Gift Stone if you pledge and have one made.
A: Once that section of our database is open. We will ask you to first search for the name in our #THEIRNAMES database. If the name does not show up, and it meets the requirements of an innocent Black life taken due to bias based persecution or assault, please fill out the questionnaire. It may take some time to review the case if it is still ongoing. We ask for your patience.
A: The process of building a 555-foot monument in our Nation’s capital is an extensive one and takes time. We wish for everyone to focus on the goal first and foremost. As the campaign grows, our Project Director will appear before the press along with his appointed PR members to speak on behalf of the project and its progress.
A: Our teams can work remotely during the extensive engineering and proposal preparation phases. We believe that by the time we are ready to submit all the necessary requirements to the National Capital Planning Commission, a vaccine will most likely have been discovered as the current estimated vaccine timeline is still projected for early 2021.