“The greatest symbol for equality is reflection.”




The greatest symbol for equality is reflection. As the George Washington Monument stands for the revolution of our country, The George Floyd Monument will stand for this revolution of our equality. Twin Monuments that any person can look up to and prove, that although the shades may be different, they stand forever equal.

It is now time to restore balance. The Washington Monument was meant to rise centered south of The People’s House. Alas, it now lies askew, 400 feet to the east. The Floyd Monument would match to mirror its brother to the west. Finally, allowing the space between to be equal and aligned at last.

The great American, Abraham Lincoln, fought for his vision where all Black people are treated equal. A vision robbed by a bullet to the back of the head. How fitting would it be, that The Floyd Monument would now stand to face his gaze. And every person of every creed would witness from his seated statue, a shining symbol of what he always wished to see.

In 1884, the Washington Monument cost $1,187,710. In 2020, that amount with inflation would be $31,714,450. In 1998, restoration was needed at a cost of $9.4 million. In 2011, a rare quake led to repairs costing $10.5M. Philanthropist, David Rubenstein knew Congress would take a while to help the National Park Service, so he helped by funding it himself.

If a group wishes to build a Commemorative Work such as: The Floyd Monument & Memorial in Washington DC, The National Capital Planning Commission already has a step-by-step process to make it happen. And thankfully, DC’s height restrictions only apply to buildings, not equal monuments.

Our government should focus on reparations. Millionaires and billionaires of all colors can and should fund this. The 555-foot Floyd Monument would solidify this movement in a way unseen ever in Black history. A towering statement of equality for every generation and an imprint of legacy for those who pledge to fund it. How to pledge using Twitter.

There is an awful lot of free-standing white monuments in Washington DC. By adding another ellipse pathway, The George Floyd Monument would be symbolically linked to the George Washington Monument. Never has a message of equality, at this scale, been seen by Black people in America. 36,000 stones of beautiful black marble that rise up to the sky.

Black Lives Matter and Black Voices Matter. Voices that should speak from council seats, boardrooms and big banks. The Twin George Monuments can inspire visitors from all over the world to keep the conversation going at the National Museum of African American History and Culture right next door.

The 2020 BLM protests need a constant and powerful reminder. A new type of memorial that updates and engraves #TheirNames each time an innocent Black life is taken due to bias based persecution or assault. The memorial will also feature all 50 state flags to mark their unison in these historic protests that strive to change 400 years of institutional injustice.